With the rapid development of smart homes, more and more smart products have entered the home life and realized application scenarios. So, how to make every scene of home life integrate with technology? Let’s take a look at the whole house smart home system solution! I believe that with these solutions, we can give everyone a convenient, comfortable and safe smart home system.

Whole house smart home system solution

Whole house smart home system solution

Whole house smart home system solution


First. Smart Security Solution


Smart security solutions generally achieve 360 ​​° protection of the home through smart home products. such as smart door locks, smart door sensors, smart cameras, environmental monitoring alarms, and infrared human sensor alarms. Real-time monitoring and notification of dangers such as stranger invasion, fire, natural gas leaks, etc.


Second. Intelligent control solution


Intelligent control solution, generally through infrared remote control, smart box, smart host and other equipment, to achieve control of all electrical appliances in the home, such as televisions, air conditioners, lights, even doors, windows, curtains, the basic functions are remote switch and timer switch, these two Almost all brands in the functional market.


At present, the platform solutions of many smart home manufacturers and service providers tend to be more refined and scene-oriented.

1. Achieve all the functions of traditional remote control, such as TV channel change, air-conditioning temperature control;

2. Set “scenario mode”, one command to control multiple products;

3. Not trigger the product according to specific scenarios, such as “home mode”, content It is “the living room lights turn on automatically after opening the door”. When the system senses that the door lock is unlocked, it will automatically turn on certain lights and other effects.


Third, intelligent lighting solutions


The intelligent lighting solution is a simplified version of the “smart control solution” mentioned above, which intelligently manages the lighting of the whole family. You can set a scene mode to one-button control of multiple lights for intelligent switching, brightness adjustment, and color temperature adjustment. Make home light use more convenient, comfortable, environmentally friendly and energy saving.


Fourth, smart home theater solutions


The home theater solution in the smart home revolutionizes the traditional way of home theater interaction, and also enriches the functions, including all audio and video equipment, such as audio, high-definition players, projectors, screens, high-definition televisions and air-conditioning, floor heating, electric curtain And other environmental devices are connected as a whole, and the voice control function is added to make the viewing and playing of video and audio better, the operation more convenient, and the experience more comfortable.


Fifth, family background music solutions


The home background music solution is to connect the sound source signal to any area of ​​the smart home, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony, and toilet through wiring. Through the control panel or mobile device in different rooms, independently control the background music in the room, so that each room can hear the wonderful background music, music is also a decoration for the home.


Sixth. Environmental linkage solutions


Environmental linkage solution, that is, based on the smart home control system platform, environmental monitoring smart home products actively sense changes in indoor and outdoor environments (temperature, PM2.5, etc.), and adjust related equipment (such as air purifiers and fresh air systems) in parallel The indoor environment makes the home environment comfortable, safe and healthy.


Seven, video sharing solutions


The video sharing solution concentrates the installation of video equipment such as TV set-top boxes, DVDs, video recorders, and satellite receivers in a more concealed manner, so that TVs in multiple scenes such as living rooms, restaurants, and bedrooms can share home audio and video libraries. The equipment is purchased without wiring, which is extremely low cost and saves space.

 safe smart home system.

safe smart home system.


Smart home is the embodiment of the Internet of Things under the influence of the Internet. Smart home connects various devices in the home, such as :

1. audio and video equipment

2. lighting systems,

3. curtain control

4. air conditioning control

5. security systems

6. digital cinema systems

7. audio and video servers

8. shadow cabinet systems

9. network appliances, etc.

Through the Internet of Things technology to provide home appliance control , Lighting control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, burglar alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control, infrared forwarding, and programmable timing control and other functions and means. Compared with ordinary homes, smart homes not only have traditional living functions; but also have construction, network communication, information appliances; and equipment automation, provide a full range of information interaction functions, and even save money for various energy costs.

Well, the introduction of the whole house smart home system solution brought by HHVISIONPLUS.