The general intelligent switch consists of four parts:

glass panel,
key board,
power board
insulated bottom shell.

The reason why the glass material is adopted is that it has the function of waterproof, and the switch is not easy to be damp when installed on the wall, resulting in poor contact or electric shock. In addition, installing such a switch in the smart house can realize the remote control of the mobile phone, and can automatically cook rice and boil water at ordinary times, with reliable product quality.
At present, the smart home industry is still full of chaos, has not really formed a unified standard, and the market is not as hot as expected.
Some of the smart home manufacturers on the market do system integration and some focus on intelligent single products. From the perspective of market reaction, intelligent single products are easier to open the market than systems.
There is no doubt that the switch used as a high-frequency switch has become a big cut in the smart home. Although the smart home industry is not hot at present, as one of the smart single products, the smart switch panel is very popular.
The so-called smart panel, in fact, is to replace ordinary switches with smart switches. The difference is that it is more scientific and technological, with more models. There are different modes: curtain switch mode, sleep aid mode (the light is soft, and you can see it when you get up at night and go to the toilet), reception mode, movie watching mode, home mode (turn on the light you need), home mode (turn off all the light roads), etc., which are just like the existence of housekeeper.
The above is the whole content of which parts the intelligent switch panel is composed of. I believe you see that this has deepened your understanding of the intelligent switch panel, and hope to give you some help.