With the concept of smart home becoming more and more popular, smart home products began to replace traditional home products to occupy the market, and the first checkpoint of smart home is smart lock, which is one of the more popular smart home security products.

As everyone knows, the traditional door lock needs to be opened with a key. Now we can open the door easily and quickly with one finger, and we can open the door remotely with the help of smart phones. These high technologies bring us the convenience of life, so that we can enjoy the convenience of smart life. So what is the security of the smart door lock we have? Now let’s learn about the security knowledge of smart locks.

smart lock support multiple unlock method:APP / Fingerprint / Password / Card / Mechanical key / 3D stereo face recognition

face recognization smart lock

  • Features of smart lock

As the first line of defense of smart home, smart lock has the characteristics of simple operation and easy to understand functions. Some smart locks can easily master the status of their own door locks with the intelligent voice navigation system. The owner can unlock the door by fingerprint, password, card and other ways to make it easier and faster to enter.

In the coming soon, Smart door lock can also be opened through mobile phone application program with  5g technology. Remote control is a breakthrough of smart door lock and an important part of the development of smart home system in the future.

  • Smart lock level

The lock cylinder level of the intelligent lock is one of the main factors to judge the safety of the intelligent lock. At present, the mechanical lock is divided into a, B and super-B safety levels. The super-B is the safest lock. Now, the intelligent lock is an upgrade of the super-B, which is marked as C safety by the manufacturer of the intelligent lock. It takes more than 200 minutes for the professional Lockman to open. Some intelligent locks with better security do not open in three hours No.

  • Security technology of intelligent lock

After the frequent occurrence of security problems in smart locks, some smart locks adopt the function technology of virtual password; input any number in front of or behind the correct password as the virtual password, which can effectively prevent the risk of password leakage and open the door lock at the same time. In addition, biometric fingerprint recognition technology, using the unique fingerprint of human body to unlock, fast, accurate and safe.

For general anti-theft door, it is easy to pass through the cat’s eye. With the help of steel wire handle to open the door, the anti-theft door with cat’s eye has low security. But now the intelligent lock adds the safety handle button in the indoor handle setting. It needs to close the anti cat eye function knob to open the door lock, which greatly reduces the probability of stealing the door and improves the safety of the intelligent home.

  • Security application of intelligent lock

1. Chip protection.

The security application of the smart lock is not only reflected in the hardware, but also has a shield on the chip of the smart lock. For example, It will give a real-time alarm if the square tongue is not fully ejected and locked.

2. Voice prompt.

For the intelligent lock, voice function is an important part of the intelligent embodiment, and voice prompt can remind the door to close and lock at any time.

3. Remote monitoring.

The application program of intelligent lock can track the door opening status in real time, alarm the abnormal door opening behavior in time, and ensure the safety of the home without people.

4. Temporary password.

The temporary password can be sent to the person who needs to enter the door when it is inconvenient to. Within a period of time, the password will automatically fail and other security measures.

5. Virtual password.

Some smart locks have the function of unlocking virtual password. The virtual password can be added in front or behind the real password; which can be verified to effectively prevent the password from being peeked and embezzled.

6. Camera.

The smart lock also has camera to check the movement inside and outside; when receiving the detection alarm; the smart lock can timely notify the family to prevent the illegal elements from sneaking in.

The smart lock also has the functions of monitoring whether the children are home; monitoring the environment inside and outside the gate all day. These smart technologies give new life to the traditional access control; provide security for people’s life and property security and daily life;and will promote the continuous innovation and development of the security industry and lock market.

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