When a lot of dimming is applied in the house, traditional lighting dimming is cumbersome and inefficient, so it usually only appears on the desk lamp. The centralized control of intelligent lighting perfectly solves this problem. You can use dimming to create a different atmosphere. Or just for comfortable brightness, if you like, they can even adjust automatically in real time through changes in indoor and outdoor lighting.
Induction lighting: Reasonable installation of human motion sensors through balconies, stairs, aisles, etc. In many cases, you can forget to turn on the lights. People turn on the lights when they come, and turn them off when they go.
Scenario application: When you get up at night, as long as your feet fall to the ground, the foot light will automatically light up, which will light up the direction for you. When you return to bed, it will automatically turn off without worrying about disturbing your family.
In terms of energy management, traditional lighting, especially in large houses, once you forget to turn off the lights in an unused room, it may take a few days to remember that the lights are not turned off. If it is obsessive-compulsive disorder, make sure all lights are turned off before going out. It will be a very arduous process, but if you have a smart home, you can see at a glance whether the lights are turned off on the interface. When you go out, you can click away from home mode, and all the lights will turn off automatically.
Many people say that electric curtains are pseudo-intelligent, and it is more convenient to use hand pulls. Why do you want to use electric curtains? At this time, I always like to use the example of a car window to refute. With the power window, you ca n’t go back to the hand-cranked window. The same is true for the use of electric curtains, because the electric curtains connected to the smart home system are no longer simple electric curtains, but have become an integral part of the entire smart home system. Part, with many wonderful applications.
Scene mode applications, such as: morning mode, when the set time to get up, don’t worry about alarm clock interference, curtains will automatically open 1/3 for you, let natural light penetrate some, and background music slowly sounds. Through the wind and rain sensor linkage, in the event of sudden rain, the window opener automatically retracts and the sunroof automatically closes; through the linkage with the light sensor, the curtains automatically close. According to the difference in indoor and outdoor brightness, the opening and closing range of the curtains can be reasonably adjusted to make the room indoors Optimum lighting.
Smart audio and video can bring the most direct convenience, especially for the elderly at home. Generally, there are a large number of remote controls in the home, such as TVs, set-top boxes, network boxes, Blu-ray machines, and various infrared electrical equipment. If there is a smart home, even the elderly can easily learn to operate, just one button to easily play your favorite program channels.
In the security system, the kitchen gas is safe and equipped with a gas sensor. When it detects a concentration higher than the alarm, it triggers an alarm. It reminds people to pay attention through background music and can cut off the gas transmission in conjunction with the robot. The indoor security alarm is usually distributed in various places. Sound and light alarms in the area. In the security mode, once someone breaks in, the area lights up, the alarm sounds, and the intruder is deterred.