“He” brings a bunch of smart appliances to your site, from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom, everything is arranged for you!

——Security Smart Home Expert

Home security, open smart living experience

Safety is the most basic guarantee that a home needs, and home entry is the first line of defense for home safety.

HHVISION Fingerprint Lock HH-T6 uses multiple defense systems to bring a new experience of home security and smart life for the host. At the same time, one-click control of the scene will open a preset scene mode as soon as you enter the door. Set according to the owner’s lifestyle. Smart camera provides 24-hour home security to eliminate hidden dangers.

smart home video ptz

smart home video ptz

Smart living room to create a comfortable leisure place

As the center of gravity of the entire house, the living room is the most frequently used, and it is the first place for the host to entertain.

HHVISION intelligent switch / socket allows the owner to remotely control the light, and can also cooperate with the appliance for scene linkage control. The HHVISION air detector senses the indoor air, temperature and humidity conditions at any time, and judges whether it is necessary to open or close the humidifier and whether it is necessary to open the window for ventilation. Smart cameras provide security for the living room in an unmanned environment. Through multi-angle and comprehensive security protection, it provides security for your leisure time.

Smart bedroom for a comfortable and comfortable sleeping environment

One third of life is spent in the bedroom, where comfort and peace of mind are essential, and a day’s tiring work can fade away.

The next morning, the HHVISION intelligent curtain machine slowly opened the curtains, and the sun spilled into the room to wake the owner to get up. When the owner comes home in the evening, the curtains are automatically closed, the camera is automatically shielded, and the bedside lights are turned on to create a comfortable sleeping environment. You do n’t have to worry about getting too dark at night,The infrared sensor + smart switch automatically lights up for you, giving you a sense of security.

Safe smart kitchen, Relieve your worries

The kitchen is a place that bears happiness. When the aroma of food comes out from it, you can really appreciate what it feels like to be home.

HHVISION sensor detectors, combustible gas detectors, and water sensors can detect the environmental conditions of the kitchen in real time. When an accident occurs, it can promptly warn, send out audible and visual alarm information to notify the owner, and connect the smart socket in parallel to automatically close the gas / water pipe valve. Linked cameras provide live real-time conditions for the host. When the kitchen appliances are forgot to turn off, the smart socket can realize the remote switch function, which is safer and more worry-free.

Smart home has made a huge difference in life,
Make life more convenient and comfortable,
Stop worrying about life chores.
The age of smart home has arrived,
HHVISION, a security smart home expert,
Let you enjoy a safe and intelligent life.