Go downstairs and throw a trash and forget the key.

Go out and get the newspaper and accidentally closed the door.

Traditional mechanical lock keyholes are small,

Once there was a power outage in the corridor,

I ca n’t insert the key into the keyhole,

Back from the supermarket,

need smart lock bring_bags

need smart lock bring_bags

Always big bags,

It was really empty to get the key to open the door.

Many of these everyday embarrassing things have been encountered. But with the development of smart home life, maybe we eat a few meals and buy a few clothes, we can add a smart door lock to the family. Fingerprints, apps, and even voice recognition can easily open the door, no longer bothering with life chores.

The sense of technology brought by smart home is permeating every bit of life. With the improvement of economic level and the opening of concepts, the popularization of smart home is sooner or later. Considering the addition of smart products in future home life, what details need to be reserved during decoration?

hand free smart lock

hand free smart lock


Part 1
Smart lighting

smart light back home mode

smart light back home mode

smart light back home mode

smart light back home mode

The simple way to achieve intelligent lighting can be to replace the traditional wall switch with a smart switch, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the lights in the home through networking.

>> Reserved zero wire for switch bottom box

The normal switch panel has only live wires and no neutral wires. If an intelligent switch is installed, try to let electricians wear the neutral wires. With smart devices, the stability of the neutral line is higher.

>> Use non-metal back box

The metal back box may shield the signal. Try not to use a shallow box with a depth of 6 cm or more.

>> Recommended to leave the lamp with slot

After leaving the lamp band slot, you can install the color tone lamp, the color tone lamp can change colors with music or TV.

>> Install induction light

After the sensor lights in the bathroom, aisle, and cabinet are installed, there is no need to manually switch on and off. It is more intelligent through automatic induction switch.

Part 2
Smart curtain

Smart curtain

Smart curtain

Smart curtains open the scene of intelligent home life. The curtains can be opened and closed automatically according to different situations.

If you want to experience the magic of smart curtains, you can add a five-hole socket to the head of the curtain rails when installing. One side can be installed; there is a curtain box (ceiling). Note that the width of a single-layer curtain box is minimum 10cm, double-layer minimum 15cm, curtain box The top is reinforced with a double-layer large gold plate to prevent noise.

In addition, if you want to install a smart window and automatically open and close the window according to the indoor and outdoor air quality, you can leave power on the window first.

Part 3
Smart Security

smart camera

smart camera

In addition to installing security sensors and alarms at the entrance and in the kitchen and bathroom, small video surveillance equipment can also be installed indoors, which can be installed in children’s rooms and directly opposite the gate. Just leave the power where you need it. Be careful not to backlight.

Part 4
Can an already installed house be equipped with a smart home?

The smart home system can also be upgraded in the already renovated house, because various wireless control products have appeared on the market, which can be integrated into the home environment without wiring. However, there are two important issues to be aware of when selecting such smart home products.


What is compatible? In addition to being compatible with other brands and other types of smart products, it must also be compatible with the original non-smart home appliances.


If you have found a smart product with strong compatibility, congratulations, you have already taken a big step towards real smart life. However, it is also important to pay attention to the stability of the product. Because various wireless protocols have their own limitations, wireless products are more prone to instability than wiring products.

Part 5
How to choose smart home products?

1. Determine your own functional requirements

① Safety precautions: monitoring, alarming, access control, etc .;

②Entertainment and leisure: background music, home theater, video sharing, etc .;

③Energy saving and environmental protection: lighting curtain control, HVAC control, induction control, etc .;

④ Convenient and efficient: centralized control, remote control, etc.

2. Determine your budget positioning

3. Choose the right service provider

Make sure that the personnel installed onsite have the installation qualifications and are proficient in various home improvement techniques to minimize wear and tear. At the same time, it would be better if the service provider can provide after-sales repair services.

4. Consider product systems

Whether the system is stable, the functions are integrated, the system is simple, the system is suitable, and the system is expandable and self-protective.

The era of smart home is coming,

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