After the popularization of smart locks, fewer and fewer places are used by people, which does provide great convenience to people. However, when many manufacturers are vigorously promoting their products, in order to capture more consumers, they will inevitably have a lot of “exaggerated” ingredients, which will lead consumers into misunderstandings. So, how many types of smart locks are there? What are the misunderstandings about smart locks? Let’s take a look together!

Smart locks are different from mechanical locks. They are unlocked through proximity cards, digital passwords, and fingerprints. Today, I will introduce 4 kinds of smart locks.

The first category: remote lock

Because now the mainstream market is mainly in the 80s and 90s. People in this era are very interesting about high-tech things and are very popular with young people. Today I will introduce a remote control lock.
The penetration rate of remote control door locks is very high in foreign countries, but the penetration rate in domestic is very low. However, as some people know, the remote control door locks are bound to have great development potential in the future. It is widely used in life. We are more common in cars, motorcycles and remote control equipment. In the home, we have home locks, hotel door locks, and warehouses.
The remote control door lock is a relatively new type of device compared to the market, and its market share is not high, but because it has good quick functions and anti-theft functions, it is very popular with consumers nowadays, and the market potential is huge. The door lock comes from the remote control door lock. It is probably the safest lock on the market. It is safe to use and has no obvious shortcomings. It is quick and easy to open. You do n’t need to insert the key. As long as the door locks are inspected regularly, no problems will arise.
The remote control door lock is like the chocolate in the box, you never know what color the next one will be, just like you never know who will open it next. The anti-theft capability of remote control door locks is not a doubt, but it is good. Everything has two sides, after all, technology is not yet complete.

The second type: password lock

HHVISIONPLUS HH-T6 smart door lock supports multiple door opening methods, such as password unlocking, card opening, traditional key unlocking, etc. This door lock does not support the biometric opening method. It can also get rid of the shackles of traditional keys, and you do n’t need to worry about forgetting. You can also open your home with a password.
Black crystal screen, full touch screen password lock, bid farewell to traditional button-type insensitive response; create independent space, security anti-lock function to prevent others from opening outside the door; multilayer security protection, double authentication is more secure, password plus smart card double authentication Open the door to give you more peace of mind; intrusion alarm, prevent invasion when going out, and alarm can be issued after the invaders invade; enhanced random security code, two floating passwords appear before entering the password to prevent the password from being cracked by fingerprints on the screen, improving security performance .
Support a variety of alarm methods, such as anti-theft alarm, violent intrusion alarm, high temperature fire alarm, location prompt alarm. The lock body is upgraded again, the security and anti-theft performance is improved, and the C-level lock core certification effectively extends the technical unlocking time to ensure family safety.

The third category: induction card lock

In access control applications, traditional metal key door locks are used, although the cost is low, but the door opening keys are easily copied, lost, rusted, etc., and inconvenient to carry. They are far from meeting the requirements of modern building security. Zh
High-end commercial buildings with beautiful surroundings have more advanced and high-end requirements for door locks, and pursue intelligent management methods. In this way, a new type of “inductive card intelligent access control system” has won people’s trust with its brand-new use concept, and it has been widely used quickly. Application, the system organically combines “proximity card” and “lock”, and then replaces “key” with “proximity card”, cooperates with computer software to realize real-time remote management of the center, realizes highly intelligent access control, and effectively solves the problem of traditional door locks. There are many deficiencies, and its excellent management and use functions bring people unexpected convenience.
Especially for some high-security confidential archives, central computer rooms, cultural relics storage rooms, and safe passages in financial industry business points, etc., these places usually store extremely high-value or extremely important and confidential items. Outside of certain staff members, no one is allowed to enter. But these “profitable” places are also easy targets for criminals, so it is particularly important to build a highly secure access control system. In this way, a special case of the advanced security application of the smart card access control system of the building—the AB door double door interlocking access control system came into being.
Smart card AB door double door interlocking access control is a very clever application of the smart access control system. Double door interlocking access control is installed on a passage that requires strict control of personnel entering and leaving the area. When personnel pass, they must pass after the first door. The second door can only be opened after the door is closed. This effectively isolates the space on the inside and outside of the passage, preventing criminals from entering the safe area. The dual-door interlocking system can also cooperate with closed-circuit monitoring equipment to achieve the center’s monitoring of swiping personnel, and a fingerprint reader can be installed to achieve more advanced fingerprint AB door dual-door interlocking access control.

The fourth category: biometric anti-theft lock (fingerprint lock)

Fingerprints are widely used on locks as people’s unique biometric passwords, making door opening as easy as opening the screen of an iPhone with a fingerprint, greatly improving the level of security and convenience.
Fingerprints will not worry about being stolen or copied, so it is more secure; you do n’t have to check again and again whether you forgot your key; go to work or check out the situation of family members entering and leaving the house through the smart lock app; check the visits of relatives and friends through the visual camera You can use your mobile phone to unlock remotely; you can also manage the fingerprint passwords of multiple smart locks on the app; rental houses can automatically add or remove tenant fingerprints without changing the lock core; especially the fingerprints of family members can be stored in the “private cloud” on.
HHvisionplus fingerprintlock HH-T6 supports APP, fingerprint, password, ID card, key 3 kinds of opening methods, can be installed on most wooden doors and anti-theft doors, as well as doors containing sky and earth hooks. In life, you may be facing many problems such as anti-theft, forgetting the key, and the inconvenience of unlocking, etc. The ksmak fingerprint smart lock will solve the above problems for you. It will be opened with a single grip and the application will be simpler.
HHvisionplus fingerprintlock HH-T6 is equipped with imported fingerprint head, which has many advantages in anti-fake fingerprints, durability, stability, anti-static and so on; and in the unlocking method, the fingerprint head is integrated into the free handle, which can be opened with one grip. It avoids the trouble of recognizing the fingerprint first and then twisting the handle with the traditional fingerprint lock.
Equipped with a C-level lock cylinder, the professional opening time is more than 30 minutes, and the anti-violence is turned on, and the security is upgraded again. The imported fingerprint head has “live sensing technology” to prevent various fake fingerprints on the market and improve the Aijia safety index.
Supports virtual password technology. When someone opens a peep when you open the door, you can add random codes after the real password to protect the password. OLED large screen display, more convenient operation; guest and guest hierarchical management, no need to change locks and keys frequently; query 600 door opening records, equipped with long battery life, and intelligent alarm for power failure; hidden lock control design, providing a third Emergency door opening method; when the TV in the lock runs out, connect the 9V battery to the emergency power socket.

4 kinds of smart locks.

Support multiple unlock method:APP / Fingerprint / Password / Card / Mechanical key

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