Before installation, make preparations. Open the package and check whether the accessories are complete. The accessories include glass door lock mainframe, glass rubber plate, ground bolt, screws, allen wrench, steel plate and battery. Second, prepare a screw wrench to start the next step.


1 First determine the thickness and installation direction of the glass door: suitable for the thickness of the glass door of 10-12mm. If the direction is not consistent with the direction of the lock, the direction of the front lock body can be changed. Remove the four screws at the back and rotate the front lock body 180 degrees. Then tighten the 4 screws.

2Determine the installation location: Because you need to enter your fingerprint or password, you need to consider the user ’s experience, you need to find a suitable location for installation, and you can install it in the middle of the glass door.

3 Fix the lock body and fix the rubber plate: clean up the position where the glass door is locked, remove the protective paper on the lock body fixation rubber plate, and make the two feet of the lock body fix plate close to the side of the door. The glue is affixed to the interior of the glass door and pressed firmly, and the left and right directions need to be in the same position.

4 Install the front lock body: Push the combination of the front lock body and the lock body mounting plate along the guide surface of the lock body fixing plate attached to the glass, and pay attention that the edges of the foot pads cannot be curled.

5 Fixing lock body screws: Align the nut holes to lock the screws on the fixing plate, and fix the front lock body components. Install the rear lock body, plug in the cable, and straighten the cable, install the rear lock body into the lock body mounting plate, and tighten the screws diagonally.

After the installation is completed, open the back cover of the lock battery and install the four batteries that come with it. After the power-on test, if the fingerprint, password, and identification card functions are working properly, and whether the expansion and contraction of the lock meets the requirements.

Installation Precautions for smart lock:

1. Be careful not to break the cable when installing the fingerprint lock of glass door.

2. Do not let dust and impurities enter the main lock when installing to avoid short circuit of electronic components.

3. When installing, you must ensure that the wires are connected correctly, and then place the connecting wires to prevent the wires from being crushed or stuck, otherwise the glass door fingerprint lock will not work properly.

4. During the installation and testing of the fingerprint lock of glass door, there may be some dust and foreign matter left in the fingerprint collection window. Therefore, when entering fingerprints, clean the fingers and the fingerprint collection window. In addition, when entering a fingerprint, the contact area between the finger and the fingerprint window should be as large as possible, and the same finger can be entered several times to increase the recognition rate.



watch video:

Glass door fingerprint lock installation video