A few years ago, the Bluetooth community turned its attention from traditional audio and data transmission to meeting the needs of emerging markets, such as smart buildings, smart industries, and smart homes. These markets are looking for a standard wireless solution to achieve unified control of large-scale equipment networks. The birth of Bluetooth mesh solves this problem, and it enables hundreds of devices to communicate with each other reliably and securely.

hhvisionplus smart_bluetooth_light

hhvisionplus smart_bluetooth_light

Two important Bluetooth functions-Bluetooth mesh and seek function. Bluetooth mesh has been released for more than two years, and its scalability, reliability and security make it stand out in the application of large-scale device network communication. More and more leading companies use Bluetooth mesh to develop products. So far, more than 370 products with Bluetooth mesh network functions have been certified.


The new direction finding function introduced earlier this year can help the device to clarify the direction of the Bluetooth signal by using the angle of departure and arrival angles to achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy, which greatly improves the performance of Bluetooth location services.


Bluetooth mesh is very suitable for connecting to the lighting system in the building and turning it into a mesh network platform. In addition to being a lighting control platform, Bluetooth lighting devices also support a variety of additional services such as asset tracking, navigation, landmark information and space utilization. The Bluetooth mesh platform can be used in a variety of areas-retailers can provide in-store navigation and customized promotions; hospitals can track patients and equipment; factories can automate monitoring and maintenance; companies can intelligently control lighting and room temperature, and control occupancy Rate and security. According to statistics, more services integrated by the intelligent lighting platform can achieve ten times the added value.


The era of intelligent lighting is beginning. As people’s requirements for the safety, comfort and efficiency of their living and working environments increase, it is expected that the Bluetooth mesh intelligent lighting platform, which can integrate multiple functions, will play a role in a wider market.